Prevalence of malocclusion in permanent dentition in Aryan and Mongoloid races of Nepal- A Comparative study

  • Prakash Baral
Keywords: Skeletal malocclusion, Cross bites, Crowding and spacing


Introduction: Malocclusion is defined as the improper relationship of maxillary to mandibular teeth. The prevalence of malocclusion varies among various populations because ethnic, genetic and environmental factors are the major contributors for the causation of malocclusion.
The objective was to compare prevalence of malocclusion in Aryan and Mongoloid races.

Material And Methods: Total of 526 people (260 Mongolic and 266 Aryan), having malocclusion in permanent dentition were studied in this cross-sectional study. Multistage random sampling methodology was used. Intra oral examination was done in dental camps held in different parts of the country. Study subjects were made to sit on wooden chair and intra oral examination was carried out with help of mouth mirror, torch light and curve probe. Occlusal traits including class I, II, III, crowding, spacing, cross-bites, open bites and deep bites were recorded.

Results: Class I malocclusion was observed in 61.3% Aryan and 64% Mongoloid races, Class II division 1 malocclusion in 25.2% Aryan and 17.9% in Mongoloid races, Class II division 2 malocclusion in 5.3% Aryan and 2.5% in Mongoloid races, Class III malocclusion in 8.2% Aryan and 15.6% Mongoloid races, crowding in 46.6% Aryan and 48.1% Mongoloid races, spacing including midline diastema in 9.9% Aryan and 8.7% Mongoloid races, anterior and posterior cross-bites in 10.4% Aryan and 17.8% Mongoloid races, open bites in 10.6% Aryan and 18.4% Mongoloid races, deep bites in 34.9% Aryan and 24.8% Mongoloid races, missing teeth in 1.5% Aryan and 1.3% Mongoloid and supernumerary teeth in 0.6% Aryan and 0.7% Mongoloid races.

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Prakash Baral
Associate professor,   Department of    Anatomy, B.P. Koirala, Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan,   Nepal.
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