Effect of non-extraction orthodontic treatment of impacted and malposed maxillary canines on upper lip strain and thickness

  • Waheed Ullah Khan
  • Saeeda Abdullah
  • Imran khan
  • Hameed Ullah Jan
Keywords: Soft tissue analysis, ectopic canines, non-extraction treatment


Introduction: As Orthodontists we encounter ectopic and malposed teeth in our daily practices. Any permanent tooth can be ectopic. The cause may be genetic, environmental or both. Canines are frequently malposed and this can be due to ectopic development. This might lead to an abnormal developmental position. Orthodontic treatment is justified in such cases for both functional as well aesthetic reasons. Current concepts in diagnosis and treatment planning focus on balance and harmony of various facial features. Hence the objective of the present study was to assess changes in soft tissue profile after non extraction orthodontic management of malposed /impacted maxillary canines.

Material and Methods: The study was conducted at Orthodontic Department of Armed forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID). A total of 50 (20 males and 30 females) patients, between the ages of 12 to 19 years comprised the sample. These were selected by non probability convenience sampling technique. After surgical exposure and the alignment of malposed/impacted maxillary canine, changes in lips were ascertained. Data was analyzed by using SPSS version10. The pre and post treatment comparison in both male and female groups was done by applying paired t test.

Results: The result showed positive correlation between Orthodontic treatment and the upper lip strain (P<0.003) while no effect on lip thickness. This study showed more changes in females as compared to males.

Conclusions: Orthodontic treatment can bring about changes in a patient’s soft tissues and it is paramount to predict future changes. Albeit being a difficult task, it is every clinician’s responsibility to inform his/her patients of such changes. Conclusively, it is difficult to measure soft tissue changes accurately and are a matter of subjective opinion.

Author Biographies

Waheed Ullah Khan
BDS,FCPS; Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Islamabad Medical and Dental college, Bahria University,Islamabad.
Saeeda Abdullah
BDS, MCPS, FCPS; Assistant Professor, Dental Mentor, G-11 Markaz Islamabad
Imran khan
BDS, MSc; Assistant Professor, Head Department of Oral Pathology, Islamabad Medical and Dental college, Bahria University, Islamabad
Hameed Ullah Jan
MCPS, FCPS; Professor,Dean of Dentistry, Kohat Institute of Dental Sciences, Kohat, KPK
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